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Erin Noteboom comes from the American prairies. From a childhood steeped in family, science and writing, Erin first choose science when the two options of science or poetry split apart. She collected a physics degree, worked at the CERN accelerator in Geneva, and took the world’s first Polaroid of Cherenkov ring. After a brain tumour rearranged her priorities Erin went back to poetry, and immigrated to Canada in 1997. She has been published widely in literary magazines since then, winning the CBC Literary Award in 2001, the 2004 KW [Kitchener Waterloo] Arts Award, and Acorn/Plantos Award for Peoples poetry in 2004. She is the poetry editor for the New Quarterly, runs writing workshops in Kitchener, Ontario, and is active in the literary community.

Books by this author

  • Mongoose_diaries

    The Mongoose Diaries: Excerpts from a mother's first year

    May 2007
    248 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-15-8

    With a poet's turn of phrase and an artist's eye for detail, Noteboom captures the joys and sorrows of her daughter's first year.

  • Seal_up_thunder_web

    Seal up the thunder

    January 2005
    80 pages | ISBN 1-894987-00-4

    Erin Noteboom's is an elemental poetry of bones, salt, water, dust, and at the same time a celebration of all things as holy. In these arias of praise and prayer, her gift is to flare the ordinary detail as well as the extraordinary event into visions, me

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