Matthew Tierney


Tierney’s poetry has been published in many literary journals in Canada including The Malahat Review, The Fiddlehead, Event, The Antigonish Review, Prism International, The New Quarterly and Qwerty, as well as in the Brobdingnagian Times and Southword, in Cork, Ireland. He was born in a small town outside of Waterloo and grew up in Toronto, where he now lives. Several years ago, he spent some time in Japan teaching conversational English, and returned home by way of the Trans-Mongolian Express, an offshoot of the Trans-Siberian Express, one of the last great transcontinental train routes. He continues to take the subway to work every day.

Books by this author

  • Full_speed_through

    Full speed through the morning dark

    September 2004
    88 pages | ISBN 0-919897-97-5

    From Japan’s subtle intricacies to the harsh realities of the Trans-Mongolian Express, Tierney captures the experience of movement and the freedom and dislocation of the traveller with potent imagery and persuasive verse.

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