Fall Launch a Smashing Success!

October 14, 2015

We had a lot to be thankful for at Wolsak & Wynn / Buckrider Books this past weekend. Thursday, October 8, marked the official launch of our fall books, and it was by all accounts extremely successful.

The Monarch Tavern was full of book lovers, drinking, mingling, and of course, checking out the book table. Senior Editor Paul Vermeersch kicked things off with a hearty welcome and a brief reading from Hugh Hazelton's translation of Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares's Vesuvius. Much to the crowd's disappointment, he didn't attempt the original Portuguese, but his reading of the English was flawless. Hugh Hazelton is an award-winning translator, and Zulmira Tavares is one of Brazil's best-known poets. Unfortunately, Hugh was unable to make the launch.

James Lindsay, however, was able to make it. The co-founder of Pleasence Records, an indie label in Toronto, James is also a burgeoning poet. He read from his debut collection, Our Inland Sea.

James Lindsay reads from Our Inland Sea.


Next to the podium was Wolsak & Wynn's Publisher, Noelle Allen, who first read from Peter Midgley's new poetry collection, Unquiet Bones, since Peter was unable to make the trip from Calgary. She then introduced poet Jenna Butler, who launched her first non-fiction book, A Profession of Hope: Farming on the Edge of the Grizzly Trail.

Jenna Butler reads from A Profession of Hope.

Veteran W&W'er Jeanette Lynes was up next. Her readings from Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems had people laughing at their wit and wonderful use of old-fashioned English words. 

Jeanette Lynes reads from Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems.

Finally, Matt Cahill took to the stage to share a brief excerpt from his debut novel, The Society of Experience. This long-awaited book was named a must-read for fall by Harper's Bazaar.

Matt Cahill reads from The Society of Experience.

On behalf of the entire team at Wolsak & Wynn, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate these talented authors and help us launch yet another fantastic season of books. Thanks also to the designers and printers who keep outdoing themselves to make each batch of books better and more beautiful than the last, even though we never think that's possible!





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