Matt Cahill & David Neil Lee at Chi Series Jan 20

Matt Cahill's debut novel, The Society of Experience, follows frustrated writer Derrick van der Lem on a secret time-travel experiment run by the titular shadow society. But is time travel real? Can Derrick trust the strange woman purporting to help him? And just who are the Society of Experience?

Like Derrick, the protagonist in David Neil Lee's YA novel, The Midnight Games, also stumbles upon a secret society. The Resurrection Church of the Ancients have taken over Hamilton's Ivor Wynne stadium for nefarious purposes, and it's up to Nate to stop them. In order to do so, though, he must face down giant centipedes, glowing hounds and a host of other horrors.

Join these two imaginative, engaging authors as they read from their work at the Chiaroscuro Reading Series by ChiZine (Chi Series) on Wednesday, January 20, 8 p.m., at The ROUND Venue in Toronto. The event is hosted by Sandra Kasturi and includes music by Kari Maaren.



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