Blog of Love: Our Valentine's Day Series

February 07, 2016

Growing up, I always got valentines from my mom and dad on February 14. It wasn't just a holiday for couples: It was about celebrating all kinds of love, and the idea of love in general. So no matter what your romantic situation as Valentine's Day 2016 approaches, I and the team at Wolsak & Wynn want to share some valentines with you: poems and blog posts exploring many different kinds of love.

What better way to start than with "Everyone Loves Differently," a post Alexis von Konigslow wrote during her tenure as Writer in Residence at Open Book Toronto. She's talking about her love of science and the various forms it has taken, but the sentiment, I think, is universal (and worth remembering).

No matter who or what or how you love, we hope this Valentine's Day is an opportunity for you to celebrate it. Be sure to check our blog daily now through the 14th as our authors celebrate their various loves in their diverse and unique voices.

"Everyone Loves Differently" by Alexis von Konigslow (on Open Book Toronto)

Alexis von Konigslow is the author of The Capacity for Infinite Happiness.



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