Blog of Love: Day Three

February 10, 2016



Each day, we till and mend the tender

organs of our home: we keep children

nearer to shield them, our mothers

and their sons, the men, then the beasts.

Around these we hang the ragged sea,

sew in rows of blue camass; like ribbons,

we tangle-tie our griefs to buffalo clover

and wild sorrel weed. Our former lives,

those flames and puzzles, we carry still

in the dimmer light of our separate minds,

which we’ve come to regard as charity.

Each night, wayworn, I come to you:

My canine tongue in one hand –  see –

your untroubled love in the other.



Amber McMillan's debut collection, We Can't Ever Do This Again, was published by Buckrider Books in Spring 2015. 


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