Blog of Love: Day Five

February 12, 2016

Literary Limits


Mr J sat reading by the window in his tower

when he noticed seven storeys down

near the edge where the grass slopes

off the yellow-leaved escarpment

a young man in blue blazer and beige pants

and a young woman in brown jacket and blue jeans

lying together


not the kind you find on page 90

but kisses that were whole conversations

in the high afternoon haze.


Stephen Dedalus spoke from the book:

“A day of dappled seaborne clouds....

The phrase and the day and the scene

harmonized in a chord.”

But Mr J would not agree

until the lovers had gone.



David Haskins is the author of Reclamation (Borealis Press, 1980) and This House is Condemned (Wolsak & Wynn, 2013), as well as numerous contributions to journals and anthologies.


On February 14 2016 at 11%:33 PM Adri said:

It left me breathless.

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