Fall Launch a Success

October 22, 2013

Thanks to all who made it out for Wolsak and Wynn's fall launch October 21 at The Steady Cafe & Bar in Toronto. There was food, drink, laughter and applause – and, of course, books! – as we celebrated the publication of three diverse but equally excellent books.

First up, Gregory Betts read from his collection of student mistakes, misunderstandings and malapropisms, This Is Importance. In a nod to recently named Nobel Laureate Alice Munro, Betts shared such gems as "Throughout her writing there is strong evidence that Munro has feelings of her own" and "Everything in society is unacceptable, especially the sexy."

Next, JonArno Lawson took the stage to read from his "edifying miscellany of quarrelsome quips, holiday oddities, curious thoughts and apocalyptic melancholia," Enjoy It While It Hurts. His reading included this ode to his grandmother:

She who curses God Almighty

Drinking liquor in her nighty –

She's no flighty Aphrodite.       

To conclude the evening, Catherine Graham read from her new collection of poetry, Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects. She dedicated the reading to the memories of the two poets who inspired the collection, P. K. Page and Dorothy Molloy. Relatives of P. K. Page (her stepson and grandson) were in the audience. Catherine's reading included the poem "Cloak," which left these lines ringing in the ears of Wolsak and Wynn publisher Noelle Allen:

Stick of flame, I bring fresh heat                                 

to a room like sun in sky. There is no edge              

from which to hang your escape. I whore surrender.

(Italicized lines are from "Sobs rack my chest" in Dorothy Molloy's collection Gethsemane Day.)

Thanks again to everyone who attended, to our fabulous authors, and to our publishing and office team for making the evening such a success and so much fun.



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