Books and Bubbly: Here's to a Successful Hamilton Launch

December 10, 2013

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to join us for the Hamilton launch of Wolsak and Wynn's fall books on December 9. The audience was treated to champagne, sparkling juices and water, fruit and chocolate, and of course, four fabulous readings.

Publisher Noelle Allen hosted the evening at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in downtown Hamilton. Authors Gregory Betts, Catherine Graham, JonArno Lawson, and David Haskins provided the entertainment for the 40 or so attendees.

if you weren't able to join us, check out our YouTube channel for videos of each author reading select pieces. And don't forget to check out their books --- perfect presents for the lit-lover on your Christmas list!

Gregory Betts' This Is Importance is a collection of hilarious and sometimes insightful but nevertheless erroneous statements culled from student papers on Canadian literature and culture.

Catherine Graham's fifth collection, Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects, is a departure from her previous work and pays homage to two late, great poets: Dorothy Molloy and P.K. Page.

JonArno Lawson entertains with his miscellany Enjoy It While It Hurts. This off-the-wall collection of poems, stories, and drawings will entertain children and adults alike.

This House is Condemned is David Haskins' memoir of growing up on the shores of Lake Ontario, interspersed with poems and fictionalized accounts of real events. In prose both heartfelt and hard-hitting, Haskins recounts a variety of experiences both personal and universal, from immigrating to Canada as a child to losing a parent as an adult.




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