Coming Down the Mountain to Launch June 18 at UWO

What better place to launch Brian Kennedy's new hockey book, Coming Down the Mountain: Rethinking the 1972 Summit Series, than at the 2014 International Hockey Conference? The conference, chaired by Don Morrow, one of the book's contributors and a professor in the School of Kinesiology at Western, runs from June 18 to June 20 at the University of Western Ontario.

Brian Kennedy and some of the book's contributors will launch the volume at 3:15 on Wednesday, June 18, with a reading and some refreshments (sponsored by Wolsak and Wynn). Fittingly, the event will be followed with a shinny hockey game.

Coming Down the Mountain is a collection of fifteen essays about the 1972 Summit Series, an epic hockey battle between Canada and the now-dismantled Soviet Union. It explores the series' place as myth and as cultural artifact, and examines its effect on Canada, Quebec, the Soviet Union and other nations. One of the essays even looks forward to the series' 75th anniversary, postulating how it might be remembered in 2047.

A must-read for any hockey fan, whether they were around for the '72 series or not, Coming Down the Mountain will be available in bookstores and through the Wolsak and Wynn website in late June.


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