David James Brock on Open Book Toronto

August 20, 2014

Earlier this summer, Wolsak and Wynn author David James Brock took time out of his busy schedule (which included staging his play The Centre of the Universe at the Toronto Fringe Festival) to talk books with Open Book Toronto.

As part of the Writers as Readers (WAR) series, Brock reflects on the books he's read (and re-read), as well as those he hasn't read but probably should. Take a peek inside the mind and library of this talented writer with this short, engaging  interview. Who knows? You might even find the next book for your must-read list (like Brock's own collection, Everyone Is CO2).

Be sure to keep an eye out for more Open Book Toronto interviews with Wolsak & Wynn authors, including unique new voices Christine Fischer Guy and Claire Caldwell, both scheduled for interviews this fall.


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