How to Fix Your Head

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By: Lesley Choyce

May 2011
148 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-54-7

Whether he is yodelling into construction equipment, or driving his car over thin ice, Lesley Choyce believes that mistakes are what makes life interesting and offer us all a true learning experience. In this hilarious new work, Choyce freely shares his most entertaining misadventures along with some of his best advice on topics ranging from plumbing to bad jobs. With a lively, down-to-earth style and a wonderful talent for observation, How to Fix Your Head is sure to make the idea of self-help a lot more enjoyable.


How to Fix Your Head Excerpt.pdf
Read an excerpt of the hilarious How to Fix Your Head by Lesley Choyce.


Fixing Your Head Made Easy in New Book (Scott Hayes, St. Albert Gazette, 9/28/2011).
"This book is smart, engaging and ever so funny even as it offers insight into all of the things that have gone wrong."

Review (Mike Landry, Telegraph-Journal, 8/6/2011).
"If there is a lesson to be taken away from Choyce's own oddball coping mechanisms ... it's that we all need to find a place or activity where we are completely comfortable with letting life happen."

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