Einstein's Cat

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By: Zoƫ Landale

October 2012
88 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-67-7


Whether considering the Skeena River or the foibles of an onscreen diva, Zoë Landale creates vivid and unforgettable poetry. Shot through with bright colour and sharp natural imagery, this is not a calm, contemplative collection. Indeed, Landale punctuates her own poetic musings with a director’s cut, a counterpoint of sly, often acerbic observations on her own lines. A fascinating and intricate work, Einstein’s Cat is a collection that is sure to reward repeat readings. 


What she wants you to understand

is the hypnotic nature                       of sex

of trees; how they soothe

                                                              [speak for yourself!]

with green verticals.

Look at them: mountain after mountain

furred with long spikes, ragged

against the sky                                   obvious symbolism

Trees make her feel


She rips loose

from craving anything more.             wishful thinking a blue blanket

fleece with stars


"Personal Political" (Scott Inniss, Canadian Literature, 01/12/2014)
“In Einstein’s Cat, Landale’s language is crisp, her images exact. Landale has a real talent for the tenor-vehicle relation, of which she makes copious use.”

Einstein's Cat by Zoë Landale (Shawna Lemay, Canadian Poetries, 29/04/2013)
“It would be easy to center a review of Einstein’s Cat on the instances of loss in the poems. Or one could write about the formal intricacies, the use of side text like marginalia which is in turns clever, thoughtful, a shot-to-the-gut.... One could unravel the brilliantly intertwining texts of hero and heroine in the movie, and the real life couple in the remaining poems.”


Poetry Month 2013: Zoë Landale (The Toronto Quarterly, 07/04/2013)
The Toronto Quarterly featured Zoë Landale and Einstein's Cat as part of their Poetry Month celebrations.

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