Seven Ravens: Two summers in a life by the sea

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By: Lesley Choyce

September 2009
250 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-39-4

This collection is a philosophical and perceptive memoir of a time in author Lesley Choyce's life when he'd been knocked down "several rungs on the wobbly ladder I was climbing." On this journey we meet orphaned raccoons and lost arctic birds, revisit some of the history of Nova Scotia and are accompanied by the wisdom of ancient writers. This is a fascinating, meandering work, filled with gentle humour and unabashed joy at the beauties of the natural world.


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Lost and Last Prayers (Susie DeCoste, Canadian Literature, 7/1/2011).
“The text is genuinely spontaneous, studious, and honest about the trials of being in the world, which makes for a satisfying reading experience.”

Seven Ravens (Dave Williamson, Prairie Fire, 1/27/2010).
“Choyce is especially articulate in expressing his respect for the ocean, his knowledge of tides and rock formations and the flora and fauna of the sea.”

Choyce reflects on mid-life (Stephen Patrick Clare, The Chronicle Herald, 11/1/2009).
“In truth, Choyce has crafted a mini-masterpiece of sorts — a testament to the power of the human spirit to repair itself.”

Review (Candace Fertile, Quill & Quire, 10/1/2009).
“Choyce's writing reveals an engagement with both the physical world and the literary one. It is a privilege to be invited on a journey with such an inquisitive and sensitive mind.”

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