This Orchard Sound

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By: John Terpstra

September 2014
36 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-92-9

In This Orchard Sound, poet and woodworker John Terpstra takes the reader to an abandoned fruit orchard as it being bulldozed. From the twisted limbs of apple, pear and plum trees to cars dripping fluids far removed from the rain that once fell on the orchard grass, Terpstra asks questions of progress, grace and the complicity of humanity in this short suite of poems. Only the birds answer his questions as he paces the old orchard, armed with his saw, gathering wood for his latest commission. A new cross for a local congregation.


An old orchard, located near a six-lane highway
in an area zoned for the light industry,
fitness clubs, insurance offices, restaurants
and parking lots that are slowly filling in:
it has been left untended for a number of years.
Somewhere in the tangle of those derelict trees, he hopes,
is the branching cross-shape he has contracted to provide
a local congregation


"Most Anticipated: Our Fall 2014 Poetry Preview" (Kerry Clare, 49th Shelf, 18/08/2014)
Kerry Clare lists This Orchard Sound as one of their most anticipated poetry books of fall 2014.

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