Our Inland Sea

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By: James Lindsay

October 2015
80 pages | ISBN 978-1-928088-06-6

Step Right Up to Our Inland Sea!

• Watch in amazement as a funnel cloud picks a fight with a Ferris wheel!
• Learn the secrets of wrangling yeti and shooting sasquatch!
• Experience thrills and chills as you visit the ghost towns of Ontario and China!
• Marvel at the Coney Island Aquarium and the reclaimed Gold Rush Hotel!

With fantastical imagery and attention to detail, these poems pull you into a funhouse world where a prime minister walks you to school and Gordon Lish takes over a poem. You will encounter animals in uniform and realize the Snowpocalypse is not what you think. Read on, and discover all these astonishing phenomena…and many more!

Advanced Praise

“James Lindsay can do everything. Our Inland Sea has surreal asides, belly laughs, and dismay aplenty, but its default mode is the tension of the infinitely possible – he can take a line anywhere he wishes, and so his poems become ingenious, fantastical worlds.”
Jacob McArthur Mooney, author of The New Layman’s Almanac and Folk

"A Language is a Dialect with an Army and a Navy"

Today the last Galapagos tortoise passed away.
Tomorrow, the world’s oldest throat singer.
There was a word for this, but now it’s forgotten.
The old man was a dictionary, but he died in the collapse.
Linguists looked, but no one could find the door in time.
This island is sixty stories high and has many shrines.  
This island of endangered nations, nations of residual lexis.  
If no one understands you, you are talking to yourself.
We will think you insane to keep trying so sincerely.  
We who promise to remember to remember you.
We who left you lying there unnoticed, remnants in reminisce. 
Last speakers with no one to talk to and only pillows to sleep with.
Breath becomes babble, evaporates inside voices to Babel.  
Only the bruised ears of shadowboxers are trained and able.
But none were found when the students came to survey.
Only ghostly mating groans in the concrete enclosure  
like litter caught in the air conditioner.



Poetry: explore your soul, the natural world and Bonnie & Clyde (Barbara Carey, Toronto Star, 02/14/2016) "There’s no such thing as mundane reality in this eclectic, weirdly entertaining collection."

"The Surreal Quotidian: James Lindsay and Chris Chambers 2015 Buckrider Titles" (Catherine Owen, Marrow Review, 01/11/2015)
“Lindsay, despite his range of allusions and at times Stevensian titles … presents with a greater seriousness of subject matter and thus a less lunging panoply of forms, though variety is there in rampant anaphora…, taut line breaks, and sectional poems versus sock-it-to-ya lyrics.”


Our Inland Sea

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