A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway

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By: Jeanette Lynes

January 1999
87 pages | ISBN 0-919897-68-1

"At its best, poetry is the true vocabulary of experience. Jeanette Lynes's poems – visceral and full of heart – return the power of the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life with language that is vivid, humorous, intensely felt." – Helen Humphreys


Review (Susana Molinolo, Surface and Symbol, 4/1/2003)
"This collection is chock-full of great snapshots of real life, real people, as well as the larger than life icons that pervade our culture like Lawrence Welk, Tina Turner, and Martha Stewart."

Zoom In, Zoom Out (Sonnet L'Abbé, Canadian Literature, 3/1/2003)
"Jeannette Lynes’s work takes some bold emotional risks.... Lynes’s 'Edible Flowers: A Journey In Therapy,' the final poem of the collection, resonates with many of the same concerns and unanswerable questions that have been addressed by the preceding poems, thus illustrating the overlap between processes of creativity and introspection, and offering evidence of courage in the writing."

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