Figuring Ground

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By: Robert Moore

April 2009
88 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-32-5

In a darkly elegant collection of verse, Robert Moore examines his family, his future and cows. These poems border on noir, with the collection interspersing philosophy, sardonic wit and arresting imagery. From the "unlikely pair of cupcakes" that are his Mother's girlhood friends, to the philosophizing cows that end the book, this is a collection of unexpected turns, intricate verse and a strong, original voice.


Equine, Bovine, Divine (Owen Percy, Canadian Literature, 8/1/2011)
“Moore’s background in theatre is immediately evident; one often feels, in fact, that Figuring Ground is more of a one-man show with a cast of dozens than just a boring old book of poems.”

Review (Suzanne Bownes, Journal of Canadian Poetry 26, 8/1/2011)
“A variety of poems that satisfy at both an intellectual and an emotional level.”

Review (Paul T. Vogel, Midwest Book Review, 3/1/2010)
"[Moore's] wit and ideas provide many intriguing ideas, making Figuring Ground an excellent and fun choice for readers."

Moore excels with imagination, metaphor and fun, says reviewer (Michael O. Nowlan, The Daily Gleaner, 8/1/2009)
“Robert Moore's Figuring Ground is poetry that requires attention to detail, much of which veers in various directions, but retains its initial drumbeat throughout each utterance."

Robert Moore's third collection of poetry takes risks on fresh means of expression. (Heather Craig, Telegraph-Journal, 4/4/2009)
“Opening a book of poetry by Robert Moore, you can expect a few things. . .  all fluidly connected by wit and references that are urbane and accessible.”


Robert Moore reading "Tonight"

Robert Moore reading "Visitation"

And Counting.mp3
Robert Moore reading "And Counting"

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