Seal up the thunder

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By: Erin Noteboom

January 2005
80 pages | ISBN 1-894987-00-4

"Cain reflects on cutting Abel's throat"

Now I have lived a long time
and had not thought to see
something new – but something flew
(like sparrows flushed from roost
and then the tree is still)
something flew up, a rush
as fast as flame – and irrevocable.
He said just one word –
God - and it was like
my name. (Ah this
is what God like –
the blood and flame.)
Your brother's blood
make mouth in earth,
God said
and with earth and blood
He marked me – half god,
half man, His at last,
and blushing


Bible and Battle (James S. Torrens, America Magazine, 10/17/2005)
"The poetry here is extensively lyric, that is to say, imaginative and rhythmic."

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