The Wrecks of Eden

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By: Catherine Owen

January 2001
88 pages | ISBN 0-919897-80-0

"The Wrecks of Eden re-animates, superbly, the corpses of the fauna so blithely tortured, slaughtered, wasted, by our civilization's pursuit of ecocide. Catherine Owen's macabre menagerie testifies to our gross inhumanity to nature. A superbly clear-eyed poet, an anti-romantic Audubon, her precise elegies enter the heart like scalpels." – George Elliott Clarke


Look to nature during National Poetry Month (George Elliott Clarke, The Sunday Herald, 4/7/2002)
"Owen's smart and smarting poems, her catalogue of carnage, returns unrepentantly to the  now-reborn U.S. poet Robinson Jeffers and his similar alarm at our inhumanity to nature. The Wrecks of Eden is very, very good – and desperately important."

Poems you really ought to read (George Fetherling, The Vancouver Sun, 2/16/2002)
"The book may look like a collection of lyrics but it's very much a unified whole, going deeply into its core concerns, unafraid of the consequences."


Interview with Catherine Owen (John Herbert Cunningham, Prairie Fire Magazine, 1/2/2010

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