Sister Prometheus: Discovering Marie Curie

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By: Douglas Burnet Smith

September 2008
104 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-28-8

Douglas Burnet Smith imagines the inner life of a scientific genius, mother, wife and lover in both verse and prose poems. Drawing on fact, but without limiting the boundaries of biographical narrative, Sister Prometheus is a flesh and blood portrait of Marie Curie that subverts history in favour of human nature.

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Review (Anne Burke, Feminist Caucus, 8/1/2011)
"This is a remarkable collection from an accomplished poet who uncovers the new historicism in cultural poetics, rather than deconstruction.”

Poetry Review for the Year 2008 (Thomas Hodd, Journal of Canadian Poetry Volume 25, 2/1/2011)
“But the true captivating force behind this collection is Smith’s obvious fascination with a woman at odds with her time... he poetically captures the emotive authenticity of the time in which she lived.”

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