Reticent Bodies

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By: Moez Surani

September 2009
90 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-37-0

Reticent Bodies is Toronto author Moez Surani's long-awaited debut collection. Shaped by a childhood spent listening to a mixture of Gujarati, Kutchi, Urdu and Swahili around the kitchen table, while attending a French Immersion school in Toronto, Surani's poems could define the epitome of Canada's ethnic layering. Spare Canadian lyricism is combined with unusual linguistic rhythms and sharp bursts of vibrant imagery in an exceptional poetic debut.


Preview excerpted poems from Reticent Bodies by Moez Surani


Review (Marco Ulm, Journal of Canadian Poetry 26, 07/01/2011)
“Although Reticent Bodies is his first volume of poetry, it is a collection which, even at this early stage of his career, exhibits Surani’s remarkable talent. He is a writer who is able to capture the essence of a moment in astonishing clarity, thereby drawing significance from events both ordinary and extraordinary.”

Divergent Perspectives on Grace and Memory (Sharanpal Ruprai, Canadian Literature, 4/5/2011)
“Moez Surani’s debut collection Reticent Bodies is plentifully stocked with stylized lyrics that are sharp yet vulnerable.”

Review: Reticent Bodies by Moez Surani (Mark Sampson, Free Range Reading, 11/20/2010)
“Overall, Surani shows tremendous promise in this debut collection and proves he is capable of forging a strong, singular voice for his verse.”

Review (Ingrid Ruthig, Northern Poetry Review, 4/1/2010)
“All in all, Reticent Bodies is a heartening discovery, and each subsequent reading will yield a quiet pleasure. Just as his work four years ago suggested, Surani is a writer striving to express his view of the world in his own way, and he’s finding his ‘tilt.’ Readers will anticipate more.”

An Open Invitation: Moez Surani’s Reticent Bodies (Jacob McArthur Mooney, The Mansfield Revue, 2/1/2010)
“Surani has the talent to stand alone, but he may also have the talent to trigger something more, and Reticent Bodies is that rare book that has the power to be a lynchpin, a hinge in the history of Canadian poetry.”

Subject, language meld into poetic voice (Jennifer Still, The Winnipeg Free Press, 12/26/2009)
“Most exciting is Surani's insight into the limits of the poem itself, what one is not able, or willing, to say within its structure.”

Reticent Bodies (Jacob McArthur Mooney, AdventBookBlog, 12/21/2009)
“If there are any new ways to write ‘love and loss’ poems, Surani’s found them.”

New on my bookshelf (Paul Vermeersch, Paul Vermeersch, 11/1/2009)
"Surani has that rare ability to write beautifully without ornament. His lyricism is stripped bare, unpacked, disassembled. It's effects are immediate. It's both stark and relevatory."

Review (Jessica Rose, H Magazine, 10/1/2009) “Thought-provoking, honest, and full of grit, Surani’s collection is darker than the others."


Moez Surani performs at GritLit with musicians (, SoundCloud, 18/04/2013)
Moez Surani reads “Ally Dolle," accompanied by Gary Barwin (saxophone), David Lee (bass), and Bob Vespaziani (percussion).


Suspicious Mind: An Interview with Moez Surani (Alessandro Porco, Open Book Toronto, 9/28/2009)

12 or 20 Questions with: Moez Surani (rob mclennan, robmclennan's blog, 12/7/2009)

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