(alive): Selected and new poems

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By: Rhea Tregebov

September 2004
120 pages | ISBN 0-919897-98-3

(alive): Selected and new poems is a volume of distilled grace. Twenty years of Rhea Tregebov’s poetry have been collected in this work along with several new poems. This volume charts the course of a poetic career which has seen Tregebov consistently praised for her elegant writing, carefully shaped lines, and strong poetic voice, all of which are showcased in this new collection. With this work, it is easy to see how Rhea Tregebov has become the well-respected and popular poet that she is today.

"Taking It In"

I call to ask you about property taxes
and you tell me about the light,
the way it comes in through the window
and moves over the floor, over
the kitchen table, how it lays hands
on everything. and I listen, and see
you at the kitchen table in Winnipeg,
the crisp blue sky a rectangle
in the window. Oh love.
That gives me a window
like this, a father, light.
I think you are going
like oak, like brandy, like
dark wine. The good stuff
you’re made of taking the light in.


All kinds of loss (Sonnet L'Abbe, The Globe and Mail, 12/11/2004)
"This poetry is a frustrated but honest struggle with the big questions."

Important book back in print (Alison Calder, Winnipeg Free Press, 10/24/2004)
"The collection is marked by compassion, as again and again the poems insist on connections between self and others."

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